Keep Your Skin Looking Great This Fall Season

It’s that time of year again. Summer is over, and as we get ready to wrap up warm for fall season, it is also important to adjust our skin care routine to the season.

As the air becomes cooler and drier, our skin also becomes more prone to dryness. The cooler weather is also an opportunity to recover from the summer sun, chlorine and saltwater. It is best to use soap- free hydrating cleanser to prevent your skin from feeling dry. Using a creamier cleanser will also help moisturize the skin. Exfoliating using an oil based scrub gives the added benefit of nourishing as well as exfoliating the skin.

A Vitamin C Serum helps brighten the skin and is a vital component of your skincare routine. Vitamin C has been proven to reduce sun damage. The skin is still exposed to UV rays in winter. Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant, so will slow down the aging process and protect your skin from free radical damage. Ideally combine a Vitamin C serum with moisturizer on your face.

Adding a skin peel to your regimen will help tackle some of those common issues which most people tend to get during this time of the year such as brown spots and freckles. Using a skin peel once or twice a week will get rid of the dead skin cells, leaving you with more radiant and softer skin.

It is very easy to get cracked lips if not careful. To avoid this, use an emollient lip balm such as shea butter. Keep a lip balm in your handbag to reach for it whenever you feel your lips getting dry.

Remember also to take care of your hands and feet. These are areas most people tend to neglect in their daily routine. Using a foot scrub will keep the skin nice and supple. Also moisturizing the skin will stop you from getting cracked heels. During the fall season, the hands tend to get very dry. Keeping a hand cream in your handbag will make sure you have soft hands all winter.

Now is also the perfect time to get laser procedures done. Most laser procedures will make your skin more sensitive to the sun. During this time of year, keep sun exposure is minimal. As laser procedures usually require multiple sessions, by starting the sessions now they can ready skin in time for next summer.

So remember to keep your skin moisturized this fall. That also means investing in vitamin C serum for the face. If you are going to be outdoors don’t forget to wear sunscreen as you are still exposed to UV rays in winter.